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East Texas Bad Restaurant Report

       Numerous East Texas restaurants were found to have major violations in the latest inspection period by health departments. In Longview, 4 area restaurants were hit with the most serious violations including Joeys Seafood and Grill at 2609 Judson Road. Cheese, jambalaya and gumbo were all held at unsafe temperatures, a walk in freezer and salad unit were also out of temperature, and foods were not properly protected and stored. They had 16 total demerits.

     Whataburger at 105 Spur 63 near Highway 80 was inspected March 30th. Hot foods were at unsafe temperatures. Food prep areas were uncleaned, and employees were improperly handling ready to eat foods. Total demerits 16. The Jalapeno Tree near Highway 80 on Eastman Road was inspected April 10th. Enchiladas were held at unsafe temperatures. Dishes were stored dirty. And toxic items were stored near food items. 15 total demerits.

      Posados in the Triple Creek Center was inspected April 9th. Cold foods were at unsafe temperatures. Dishes and utensils were not cleaned. And there were uncleaned food prep areas. Total demerits 15.

Running W Truck Stop West I-20 at Willow Branch Road, near Garden Valley was inspected March 22. There were temperature problems in coolers, cooked products were sitting just warmer than room temperature, raw meats were being stored above other products in walk-in cooler. A drinking glass was being used as an ice scoop, insecticides and cleaners were stored above places where food is prepared or stored. Total demerits: 32

   Dragon Buffet next to Hastings at 4015 South Broadway in Tyler was inspected March 29th. Cold foods, including sushi were being held about 25 degrees too warm. And other foods,  including chicken and crab legs were too cool. Raw, unpackaged meats were sitting in direct contact with ice at the barbecue station raw chicken was stored above raw beef. There were no paper towels at any hand sink. Total demerits: 31

  Little Italy 3320 South Broadway at Amherst in Tyler was inspected march 21st.  Proper cool-down procedures were needed for foods. A cooler wasn't keeping foods cold enough and lasagna tested by the inspector hadn't been cooked properly. It tested at only 80 degrees in the center. Raw beef was stored above broccoli, and raw chicken above lemons. That's a contamination danger. Total demerits: 23

    Sonic Drive-In 20095 Highway 155, that's in Flint, was inspected March 26th. A cooler was holding foods from five to ten degrees too warm and the inspector noted inadequate hand washing and a hand sink wasn't working. And a workers was handling ready-to-eat foods with their bare hands in violation of procedures.  Total demerits: 19

    Mazzio's Pizza 2605 East Fifth, just inside Loop 323 in Tyler was inspected March 22. Meats weren't being held cold enough, pizza was in contact with dirty utensils on the serving line, and workers were touching pizza with their bare hands. Utensils needed cleaning. Total demerits: 16

    La Villeta Trattoria Italian Restaurant at 13380 FM 849 near Lindale was inspected March 23rd. Coolers were not maintaining proper cold temperatures. Rodent bait pellets were spilled out on the floor. And utensils being used were stored in water of an improper temperature. Total demerits: 15

   Bob Hallmark, Reporting bhallmark@kltv.com

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