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Story Of The Last Student Shot At Virginia Tech

It's one of the first images America saw of the Virginia Tech tragedy.a young man and woman, severely wounded. Rescue workers carrying them out of Norris Hall.

The man is Colin Goddard, a 21-year-old international studies student he told his parents he was the last person Cho Seung-Hui shot . Before he killed himself.  

Today, Colin's mother waited anxiously for her son to come out of surgery. A rod inserted into his leg.  

As she waited, Goddard described what her son said happened inside the french class. His teacher, Jocelyne Coutoure-Nowak, heard gunfire in the hallway, and yelled for students to call 911. Colin did, but within seconds cho entered the room, spraying it with fire, wounding Colin in the leg. Colin says cho then left the room for about three minutes, and returned as Colin lay on the floor.

He turned his head and actually, well he saw the shooters shoes come right up next to his body. The shooter was standing right next to him. He was scared to death. He was absolutely scared to death. He kept his wits about him but he was scared to death.

Standing next to him, Cho shot Colin two more times, in the shoulder and buttock. And then:  
he heard one or two shots from the front of the room and later on he learned that the shooter was dead in the front of the room.

Reporter: "So he shot at your son and next thing he did was?"

Colin's Mom said " he killed himself".

The next thing colin heard: the police.

Then they said shooter down black tag. And it was a code they were giving. And they black tagged then a few of the other student in the room. They were dead they were dead.

Among the dead, Colin's french teacher.

During our interview, Goddard got good news. The surgery was a success. Colin and his family were reunited a few hours later.  

colin's Monther says "I don't want this to be the defining moment in my sons' life. It will be a defining moment but i don't want it to be the defining moment. I want the defining moment to be something positive, some great celebration of his life".

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