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4/19/07 Port Charlotte, Florida

Cows On The Loose In A Port Charlotte Neighborhood

High noon marked the beginning of a rare steak-out for county officers. Cows on the loose in a Port Charlotte neighborhood. Eight of them. Lost, confused.

Enter three cowboys. Two dogs. One udderly wild chase.

Neighbors -- ordered to stay inside -- watch an impromptu rodeo unfold on their
street. After a four-hour pursuit. Cowboys lasso the first of eight longhorns. But not without a fight. Bold and unpredictable. These longhorns are way out of their element.

Laying down the law with ten-gallon hats and ten-foot lassos. The cowboys dart across driveways and into the woods. They're getting closer now, two at a time.
Ack and forth along hardey street. S animal control officers beef up neighborhood security.  

It's no laughing matter for those living nearby. Watching out her window this morning -- face-to-face with one of the cows renide jean-marie called 9-1-1.

Renide Jean-Marie said, "What do I do? I've got ten cows in my backyard, and I have a two-and-a-half year old."

By 4:30 the cowboys had rounded up all eight longhorns. A job well done. But not too soon. Today's scare has steered this homeowner to leave florida for greener pastures.

Renide Jean-Marie said, "i need to get out of here. Seriously. It was the shock of my life."

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