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East Texas School Talks About Deadly VA Tech Shootings With Students

Tragic events like Monday's deadly shootings, often leaves parents and schools wondering what they should tell their children or students. Wednesday, one East Texas school decided to take a proactive approach, and talk about the questions surrounding the tragedies.

There was a moment of silence Wednesday morning at Brook Hill School in Bullard, followed by prayer.  Shawn Rhoads, the Director of Campus Life at Brook Hill, says like every tragic event it sparks questions in his students.

"It strikes at the core and it confuses us," said Shawn Rhoads, Directof of Campus Life for Brook Hill.  "Everybody is asking why. Why did this happen, and why did somebody do this."  To answer those questions, the school broke up into small groups and talked to its students about how to deal with anger and revenge.

"Part of it is you don't was some copy cat things going on, and you never know what someone is thinking," said Rhoads. 

"As Christians that's not how, like if you have stuff going on in your life there's something greater you can turn to, and you don't need to take it out that way," said Hannah Swanson, Brook Hill senior. The small groups also gave the students an opportunity to express their feelings and concerns, like fear.

"We are seniors and we are going off to college, and just being on a college campus this weekend, you imagine yourself being on that campus," said Swanson. 

"It's a lot of what if this happened to us, and really live your life to the fullest," said Whitney Clements, Brook Hill senior. Through scripture, both the school and students say they know they are not alone, and hope others will learn from this tragedy.

"We don't have to live in fear and there is a greater perspective outside of our limited perspective, and good can come out this somehow," said Rhoads. Brook Hill School is also participating in Prayer Mail through Mission's Tyler. Wednesday, the students were given the opportunity to write cards and letters to those affected by the shootings at Virginia Tech.

Molly Reuter, reporting. mreuter@kltv.com


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