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Gun Control Still A Tough Sell

A question being asked by many people after Monday's mass murder at Virginia Tech...

Do we need tighter gun controls? 

The last significant gun control measures to make it through congress were the Brady Bill in 1993 and the assault weapons ban in 1994.  

And what happened? 

Democrats lost control of congress for 12 years. President Clinton blamed the gun lobby. Democrats have been gun shy ever since.

Al Gore rarely talked about gun control in 2000.

Al gore Said "None of my proposals would have any effect on hunters or sportsmen or people
who use rifles".

John Kerry went hunting in 2004 and said "I will protect the second amendment. I always have and I always will".

Nevertheless, the national rifle association ran this ad.

Ad as follows: John Kerry, you are not fooling america's gun owners. They know you voted
against their gun rights for twenty years. So now you're running away from your
record, just like al gore did.

This year, Rudy Giuliani, a longtime supporter of gun control, says the matter should be left to the states.

Polls show the public supports gun control. Why don't the politicians get with the people? Public support for stricter gun laws has been declining since the 1990s.  

In January, the number was 49 percent, less than a majority for the first time since at least 1990. Why? 

The decline seems related to the drop in the violent crime rate since 1994. After a shocking incident like the one at Virginia Tech, public anger over gun violence rises.  

Senator Diane Feinstein issued a statement saying "I believe this will re-ignite the dormant effort to pass common-sense gun regulations in this nation".

But public anger is not usually sustained very long.  

Whereas gun owners remember every gun control vote as a threat to their rights.

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