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Virginia Tech Gunman: Profile On Cho Seung Hui

23-year-old Joe-Sung-Wee's one-time poetry teacher spoke at the memorial convocation at Virginia Tech yesterday (Tuesday April 17,2007).

Nikki Giovanni tells the Washington Post some fellow students were so afraid of Cho, they refused to come to class with him.

She took her concerns to the head of the department.

"There seemed to be an anger," she said.

Lucinda Roy may know gunman Cho Seung Hui better than anybody at Virginia Tech.

She was the head of the english department during the fall of 2005 when one of Cho's professors came to her, frantic about the student's disturbing writings.

When confronted, Cho's responses were only more troubling. 

Roy said "for the most part he wouldn't speak to people so if you asked him something
there would be sometimes as long as a 20 second pause before he would respond."

One of those writings, a play, called "Richard McBeef," is laced with violent and perverted sexual references.

In one passage, one of Cho's characters says: "Why am I so angry with you? because you murdered my father."

Roy took the material to university officials she wanted him out of the department. But she says she got nowhere.

Roy said "I would go to the police and to the councilors of student affairs and everywhere else but he wasn't explicit here he wasn't actually saying he was going to kill someone and my argument was he seemed so disturbed anyway that weneeded to do something about this."

So worried that Cho posed a danger to her students and faculty Roy says she decided to teach the young Korean one on one herself.

During their sessions together, Roy says she urged Cho to seek counseling, but
he rarely opened up.

"In the end I felt I was so uncomfortable that I didn't feel I could leave him
in the classroom, because some of the other students seemed uncomfortable."

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