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Tyler Soldier's Bride Remembering Husband Killed In War On Terror

"He decided that's what he wanted to do and told us and we were all very supportive," says Melanie Bishop about her husband's decision to join the Army.

Melanie says she knew the dangers her husband faced being in the front lines. But one could hardly prepare for the phone call she received from the army on Saturday.

"He said he was a chaplain from Fort Hood and I automatically knew what happened," says Melanie recalling the day she was told her husband was killed.

Married a little over a year and a half, Melanie says it was always in their long-term plans to expand their family.

"Absolutely, absolutely. We talked about it all the time. We were in school and trying to get that out of the way before we had kids. And we had the names picked out and all that," says Melanie.

Ryan's death is the second the Bishop family has recently had to deal with. More than a year ago, Ryan's mother passed away.

"It's been rough, it's been rough," says Ryan's older brother Paul. "But we do have a strong support system."

"They were very close," says Melanie about Ryan's relationship with his mother. "And it was hard for him to deal with [her death] especially being away."

But symbols such as Ryan's dog tags, and the wedding rings they used to exchange their I do's are just the beginning of what Melanie will use to remember their strong bond.

"Naturally men don't just sit around and tell you how emotional they are about things and you and so it came out in his letters and it was just beautiful," says Melanie.

As Melanie relies on his family's strong support system, she'll remember her husband as a man of integrity in life and in death.

"I'm going to miss everything there is. His flaws were my favorite, his good points were the greatest. There's nothing at all that I would not miss," she says.

Funeral arrangements for Specialist Bishop are still pending. The family plans on burying him at the foot of his mother's grave.

Christine Nelson reporting. cnelson@kltv.com

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