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4/17/07-Lubbock, Texas

Texas Tech Student Learns Friend A Victim At Virginia Tech

Texas Tech student Meredith Benson went to high school with Virginia Tech student Colin Goddard.  She tried to call him after hearing about Monday's massacre, but she couldn't get a hold of him.  Later, Benson received the bad news.

"I was just completely shocked. I could not believe it. There's so many people that go to that school; you wouldn't think that the one person you know that goes there was one of the ones who got shot," Benson said. 

Benson spent Monday watching news coverage and reading through various news reports.  "It was scary because we didn't, we were hearing different things from different people," Benson said.  She says it took some time to find out her friend, Goddard, was in stable condition after being shot.  "I was sick to my stomach all day long," Benson said. 

"Obviously, it's created a heightened awareness on our part," TTU Police Chief Ron Seacrist said.  

The Virginia Tech massacre shocked campuses across the country, leaving some students with many questions.  "Not to be disrespectful to campus police or anything, but how effective can campus police really be if one person can go through and create that much tragedy," TTU student Ben Marshall said. 

"There's really no way that you can really keep something like this from happening, unless you've got information prior to it happening," Seacrist said.  He says the school already has plans and protocols in place, but they will review them to make sure students remain safe.

Students agree that's pretty much all that security can do.  "There's no way to prevent this, other than being aware of the people around you," TTU student Aaron Mellinger said. 

"You can control yourself, and that's just about all you can hope for is that nothing bad happens," TTU student Jaime Foster said. 

While Monday's shooting occurred half-way across the country, Benson says the Virginia Tech massacre affects everyone, on the South Plains and across the nation.  

"I think it will; I think it will be in the back of a lot of people's minds, like even those who didn't know somebody personally.  It's crazy that somebody can just walk onto campus and start shooting people.  That's horrible, really," Benson said. 

Texas Tech has planned a special moment of silence to remember the victims of the Virginia Tech massacre.  The campus bells will ring at Noon Tuesday, and will sound for one minute.  Folks are asked to pause and remember those who were killed and injured Monday.

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