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College VS. High School Shootings

'Gang Lu Massacre' University of Iowa. 'Gang Lu Massacre' University of Iowa.
University Of Montreal  1989. University Of Montreal 1989.
As a rule the motive of college and high school shooters is not the same. Criminologists say high school students often kill because they're angry at fellow students. At virginia Tech, one criminologist says, an overwhelming sense of failure and rejection by a girlfriend may be why the killer opened fire.

Criminologist James Alan Fox has been studying mass murderers for more than two decades. While a 2002 federal report examining 41 school shooters found no true profile. Fox says in most cases college campus killers have had little parental support and simply have an inability to cope.

Like Gang Lu- from the University of Iowa. More than a decade ago, in what's now called the 'Gang Lu Massacre', he shot five people and wounded one before taking his own life. The apparent reason? Lu was denied a prestigious academic award. He probably saw this his options were very limited and in this case the award would decide if he was going to succeed in life or not.

And in 1989, a male student at the University Of Montreal  angry there were so many women in class, opened fire.The gunman ordered male engineering students to leave, then killed 14 women before shooting himself. 

A clear motive for the Virginia Tech massacre? still unknown... But James Alan Fox has no doubt the shooter was looking to make a statement.

Fox says most college campus shooters are white males. Acting alone with at
least one gun. Unlike high school shooters, he says college-age killers are not
seeking notoriety. Most, as in this latest case, don't live to read the papers
the next day.

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