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TAKS Changes For Special Education Students

Students all over East Texas began taking their TAKS tests today. Next year, those in special education will be subjected to it as well.

Right now, special education students are tested on the grade level they are working on, not the one they are enrolled in. The new mandate is that all tests will be on grade level regardless of ability.

Those who are the most severe and profound mentally challenged, will take the TAKS-Alt which will test for very basic grade-level concepts.

A limited amount of students will take the TAKS-M which is the same as the TAKS but with fewer questions, shorter answers, and many special accomodiations.  

The TAKS-I or inclusive TAKS is also a shorter version of the TAKStaks test, but with fewer modifications than the TAKS-M.

Dee Hendrickson is the special education consultant with the district.  

She says, "The concern has been that the students are going to be discouraged. They're going to be upset, because they are looking at such a hard test and that kind of thing."

Hendrickson went on to add that hopefully, by giving harder tests, the students will be pushed to higher levels than they would have otherwise.

Lindsay Wilcox/Reporting: lwilcox@kltv.com


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