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Hong Kong Inventor Finds Ingenius Ways To Go Green

Hong Kong Hong Kong
Lucien Gambarota micro-turbines. Lucien Gambarota micro-turbines.
As concern for the environment grows, people are starting to take small steps to do their part like driving a hybrid car or installing solar panels. One Hong Kong inventor is taking renewable energy a step further, developing technologies to generate electricity while you workout, and even figuring out how to create a wind farm on your roof.

James Macdonald has more on this week's forward thinking.

To have a wind farm... You need a steady breeze... And lots of space...

Hong Kong has neither. But this inventor still believes he can harness wind power among the shelter of the skyscrapers.

Lucien Gambarota, Inventor says "when we try to match this technology and the local conditions that we have, then it fits perfectly."

Lucien Gamborota designed these so-called "micro-turbines..." his innovations are getting attention in a city with a perpetual smog problem, and a renewed interest in green power.

This idea was inspired by his own hefty summer electricity bill. His solution involves a set of small plastic wheels attached to a generator.

Working with engineers at the University of Hong Kong, they tested the technology at different wind speeds... Ranging from typhoon conditions to slight breezes.

To help power a small apartment, you'd need a set of about 60, costing around $100 us dollars in all.

A gym chain california fitness has installed his technology on 13 treadmills at this location wh plans to wire up the whole facility for human power.

Seve Cinefelter, President, California Fitness says "what we're finding is that when people know that he way that they're exercising here is actually producing electricity and helping the environment, it is one additional motivation for the workout."Customers seem to appreciate the extra incentive.

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