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Carthage, TX

Man Confesses to Sexually Assaulting and Killing 4 Year Old Boy

People who live in the town of Carthage Texas are shocked after hearing a little boy whose family owned a popular local chinese restaurant was brutally killed.
Police say the mother of 4 year old Joey Zhang-Liu called dispatch at about 3:30 Sunday morning screaming someone killed her son.
When they arrived the found the boy was blue and the immediately began CPR but he died soon after an area hospital. 
Police arrested 27 year old Rogerio Garcia who worked at the Chengs Chinese Buffet and lived at the home with the family who also owned the restaurant.
Officers say Garcia has confessed.  An autopsy determined the boy had a broken right arm, bruising on his ear and jaw, contusions around his neck and was also sexually assaulted.
Another man Jose Garcia Monreal was also arrested and put on INS hold.  He too lived at the home.  Police say the two are both here illegally.
People who often ate at the restaurant and played with the little boy say the news is devastating.
Rogerio Garcia is charges with capital murder, both men being held at the Panola Detention Center in Carthage.

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