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Alternative Incarceration Program First Quarter Report Out

A Smith County judge says a pilot program that gives non-violent offenders a chance to work instead of serving time has been a success.  During a press conference this morning, Judge Cynthia Kent, a program motivator, said the alternative incarceration program is helping decrease the Smith County jail population and help save taxpayer dollars.  

"We have saved Smith County $231,000 plus," said Kent.   "Just in the first three months, we've gone a long way to compensate the county for the cost of the program.  You can see by the end of the next third quarter, we would have paid for the program plus some."

"Obviously the numbers look good. I think it's a little early to tell whether or not our concern about repeat offenders is a valid one," said Tyler mayor Joey Seeber.  

Allowed to participate in the program are defendants of child support cases, credit card and check violations, thefts, drug cases and other nonviolent offenses.  Those who meet the requirements go through training sessions to help them find a job.

Oralia Ortega, Reporting.


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