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Deadline to Rezone Houses in Tyler Phase II Nears

Hundreds of homes in the City of Tyler are not in compliance with their current zoning designations, but that is changing thanks to a new program.

Decades ago the City's ordinance allowed property owners to build on a location even if the zoning didn't match as long as it was not a higher use of the property. For example, numerous properties were zoned R-2, which allows for duplexes, but the property owners chose to build single-family homes instead. In the 1990s, the ordinance changed resulting in hundreds of homes not in compliance with existing regulations. Now a homeowner must pay a $300 fee to update his or her zoning designation before building, rebuilding or remodeling the home.

"What the City is now offering our homeowners is a free way to achieve the proper designation," Planning Director Barbara Holly said. "By not charging these citizens the typical rezoning fee, we are leaving an estimated $1.3 million in this area for residents to reinvest in their neighborhoods."

The City of Tyler has broken this target area consisting of 4,409 individual lots into six phases with a submission date set for each. Phase II includes 341 lots, and the deadline to apply for the free rezoning in this area is Wednesday, April 18. (see attached map click here)

"We encourage residents to come out and visit with us about what this means and how changing their zoning to be in compliance will benefit them," Councilman Donald Sanders said. "This is just another step in the City of Tyler's continuing dedication to neighborhood revitalization."

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