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Change Of Heart: TISD Will Observe Memorial Day

It's a change of heart for the biggest school district in East Texas. Today, Tyler ISD has decided to observe Memorial Day as a holiday. This over a loud outcry from East Texans from both inside and outside the district.

We posted a web poll on asking you to weigh in. In only about a day, KLTV 7 received more than 500 responses. With about 90% percent not agreeing with the district's previous decision to hold make up classes on memorial day.

Thursday afternoon, TISD issued a news release: "TISD recognizes the importance of Memorial Day and the significance of this day to our country and our citizens; and we have thoughtfully reconsidered the calendar to announce that this year Memorial Day will not be a required school day in Tyler ISD. "

"Yesterday, we had the calendar that had school on Memorial Day," said School Board President Andy Bergfeld.

But, that day on the calender sparked a fire that reached to the very top of TISD's administration.

"The holiday will be recognized," said Bergfeld.

Wednesday, he told us that he would listen to your concerns. Well, today Bergfeld said this: "And I told y'all I would check with the Superintendent and see what we can do and we've done." He continued, "We got with the Superintendent this morning; and asked him if there was anyway we could address the calendar to reflect what the public wanted and he said 'let me see what I can do.' And he called me back and said 'we'll have Memorial Day off and we'll go to school on April 23rd,'" said Bergfeld.

The school said to make the adjustment, Monday April 23rd. It will no longer be a staff development day, but will now be a regular school day for all of Tyler ISD.

"People can see things and make oversights, and I think what's important is how those issues are handled. Is there any malice on our intent? Absolutely not," said Bergfeld

Gary Mooring TISD Interim Superintendent said, "Its been over a year since this one was approved and went through the same process."

A process he said, thousands of people had input on. Community leaders, parents, and many others.

"So, if somebody will just call we'll be happy to listen to them. We didn't have our heels dug in on anything. We just need to know what the public wants," said Bergfeld.

When asked about next year's calendar, Bergfeld said: "If the public wants we are here to serve them."

"I think the community feels like Memorial day is a important day, and I mean, I agree with them and that's great and so were going to do it."

 So for many, at least this year, the holiday will be recognized.

"So everybody does make mistakes and we are just are resolving it as quickly as we can; and we are moving on," said Bergfeld.

 Tyler ISD said "Memorial Day was never intended to be used as a school day in Tyler ISD, but five years ago was added as a school day to comply with required state mandated days of instruction."

Danielle Capper, reporting.


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