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"Weird Weather Woman" Sees Three Trees Struck By Lightning

You think lightning doesn't strike the same place twice? Ask 86 year old Dinky Teague. Since she moved into her North Longview home 7 years ago, three of her trees have been struck by lightning, one as recent as Tuesday.

"The lightning came and struck the tree and as you can see, this is the tree that is struck," Dinky Teague describes.

She says she was lying in her bed, reading, Tuesday morning when a huge lightning bolt struck a tree, just 50 feet outside her window.

"This is what it did to the tree," she demonstrates.

It looks like the tree just exploded, throwing chunks of wood everywhere, even one that's sticking up in the ground. Dinky says she heard a boom so loud it shook her house but it wasn't the first time.

"I know it was a strike, I knew it was spark cause I've heard it about three times before so that was it," she laughs.

Her family now calls her the "Weird Weather Woman."

"WWW, World Wide Web, or the Weird Weather Woman. I just thought it was funny, we just make jokes," says her daughter Jala Runnels.

Her daughter lives next door and just can't explain it.

"It is a coincidence that there's so many, I mean, I don't have anything at my house happening, thankfully, but a lot of it here at this house," she explains. 

And it seems Dinky can't explain it either.

"I think God has something to do with it then."

But she can laugh about her seemingly odd luck. 

"No bad luck, I'm good luck, I'm good luck to everybody," she says.

But just in case, Dinky says for this weekend's storm she's headed to a motel.

"That's what they think, it follows me," Dinky laughs.

Dinky Teague has also had a tornado blow a tree onto that house, and an ice storm shred a tree on her property and that fell on her house, plus, one more lightning strike at a previous residence.

Tracy Watler/Reporting: tracy@kltv.com

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