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What is A Better East Texas All About?

As General Manager of this TV station, I've been called a lot of things. Most recently I was called an idiot by a faithful viewer for my biased opinions expressed here on A Better East Texas. So it got me thinking. No, not to call this viewer personally and defend my intelligence, but to address all of you about the purpose of this segment.

  You see, A Better East Texas is an editorial segment, completely separate from our news broadcasts.  My comments are mine alone and in no way reflects the opinions of KLTV. In fact, our news department is dedicated to bringing you stories that are fair and unbiased.

The purpose of my editorial remarks is to evoke thought and response - either positively or negatively - from you, the viewer.

  Now, I do receive a lot of nice emails, and that's great. Please keep those coming. But even if you don't agree with me, let me hear about that, too. Because I'm proud to live in a community with people who are as passionate as I am in making this A Better East Texas.

Brad Streit

VP/General Manager, KLTV


Viewer Comments:

I think one thing we are not doing a good job of in the schools today is teaching children to scrutinize what they hear and read.  We are not teaching them to think for themselves.  We need journalists like you to challenge the popular point of view.  Keep up the good work. 

 Mary Lou Bruner


KLTV makes for a better east Texas!  My husband made the comment last night when passing over news on another station that the only newscasters he liked was the ones on KLTV.  You do not try to make your program like a talk show with underlying dissension attempting to draw negative comments as so many do.  We trust the reporters to be factual.  Everyone shows christian values as well as the special programing on specific interest. 

The employees of KLTV are like family in the way they interact.  There is no way another station could copy them, it is just there.  Mark focused in on three children of KLTV employees the other day of a class participating in his tornado presentation.  The thing that left an impression with me was Joe named his daughter after Gillian.  I don't believe there is better way of giving a relationship value.  Their ribbing each other causes us to laugh with them.

I love the way the programing is going on "Does It Work".  I understand when that part of the program began you had no idea how popular it would become.  Joe makes it work!!

I had the opportunity to do a segment on one of your advertisements of why I watch KLTV.  It was more fun.  I enjoyed the comments of my friends as they asked me about it.  I am not thinking of a repeat.  I was just inspired by what you said this morning about writing in. 

Being the general manager means "the buck stops with you", right?  Well if that is the case I hope you will continue to speak truth and encourage your team to do the same.


Jan Ferrell

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