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Teens Ticketed for Mooning Cars on I-75 In Ohio

The incident happened along I-75 in Findlay. The incident happened along I-75 in Findlay.

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FINDLAY -- A dangerous prank landed a group of teens from Michigan in hot water with the law.  Ohio State Highway Patrol troopers say they caught the guys hanging their way out of their car and mooning other drivers while the teens were racing down I-75.

Troopers told News 11 people often put themselves and others in danger trying to get a laugh, but it's no joke when high speeds are involved and accidents are just one wrong move away.  "I checked its speed at 78 miles an hour in a 65 zone," said Trooper Robert Burd who saw a car zooming down I-75 near Findlay on Tuesday afternoon.

He told us numerous drivers called 911 to complain after they say the guys would moon other cars and make obscene gestures.  Trooper Burd pulled over the teens, who said they were on their way to a skateboard park in Dayton.

Burd says they admitted exposing their backsides, and were actually videotaping their pranks.  "I rewound the video, watched the video and it clearly shows them hanging out the side of the vehicle by a couple of feet," the trooper explained.

Three of the teens from Inkster, Michigan, were charged with disorderly conduct, including the driver and the passenger who was videotaping it all.  The driver, Brian Krushlin, also was cited for speeding.

He went on to tell us it's not surprising especially when you consider the popularity of explicit prank films like "Jackass," and the many videos people put on websites like "youtube.com."  Burd says people in some videos make reference to police, knowing what they're doing is wrong, but they do it anyway.

"People are always trying to push the envelope with those videos and when they are doing that they are not realizing how lucky they are by making it through if something doesn't go wrong," said Trooper Burd.

"We see things on the road all the time," said Mel Balduf from Perrysburg who's been driving trucks for 30 years and watches dumb, dangerous stunts happening constantly from other drivers.  "It's an everyday thing," Balduf told News 11.  "You see it all over the place from one end of the state to the other," he added.

Trooper Burd said three of the Michigan teens are now facing heavy fines and community service.  Burd tells kids don't give in to stupidity.  "Don't let peer pressure drop your IQ."

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