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Veteran and Congressman Say Memorial Day Must Be Observed

"Any country that fails to recognize and appreciate those who served it with military service won't remain a country all that much longer," says Congressman Louie Gohmert, R-Tyler. 

He says it's the young men and women serving with honor who deserve respect and a thank you on Memorial Day -- just like veterans of wars past.   He believes schools and businesses should observe the holiday.

"It's our remembering the sacrifices that people can give," he says.

Take for instance the sacrifice of Specialist Ross McGinnis from Pennsylvania, who saw a grenade tumble into his armored carrier.  He jumped inside the vehicle, covered the grenade with his body and it killed him.  However, it saved the lives of four individuals.  

Two of those saved were from East Texas.

Gohmert went to his funeral at Arlington National Cemetery, and he'll never forget it.

"Before anybody left, those individuals that specialist McGinnis had saved came up and some [people] were turning to go away, and they knelt next to Specialist McGinnis's remains and put the hand there on the [urn].  They prayed and what I thought was 'This is what America does with Memorial Day, figuratively.' We put our hands on what's left and say 'thank you,' and we remember and that's what Memorial Day is," Gohmert says.

He believes we all should see Memorial Day for what it is, a time to stop and say thank you.

"As a Tyler citizen who had three kids go through TISD, I think they'll do the right thing.  I guess someone must have seen the date on the calendar to make up and here, but I think in the end we'll do the right thing.  We cannot forget those who have done the most and given for this country," said Gohmert.

Tyler ISD students will attend school on Memorial Day, May 28. 

Morgan Palmer, reporting,


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