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TISD Responds To Not Observing Memorial Day

Lindsay Wilcox/Reporter:

We have gotten a few emails, a number of emails, from parents who are concerned about the fact that TISD is making up a snow day on Memorial Day. How was that decision reached, and why did you come to that decision?

School Board President Andy Bergfeld:

"I think that there were several days to look at. One was I believe Good Friday, and one was Memorial Day. Anytime you have to choose one or the other there is probably going to be a group that is upset about it."

Lindsay Wilcox/Reporter:

We were looking at the calendar and there was what appeared to be another option which is this teacher in-service day that is coming up in a few weeks. Was that ever considered?

School Board President Andy Bergfeld:

"I don't remember when we talked about the scheduling, you know, almost a year ago, so I'd have to look back at that and see."

Lindsay Wilcox/Reporter:

Those people in the community...teachers who may have spouses fighting overseas, or teachers who may have lost a father in Vietnam or your seniors who have signed up for active duty who may be going overseas... are you concerned about the message that the school is sending by in essence not observing the sacrifices made by our troops?

School Board President Andy Bergfeld:

"Well, I think our plan was to observe that, but you can't help the weather, so I think, you know, from what I understand the choice was made between a Good Friday and this day and the superintendent decided this was the first day on the schedule and the board voted on it and no one foresaw that this was going to come up, but like I said, we will sure consider it in the future and take that into account."

"We didn't have a board meeting and say, 'Hey, let's not observe Memorial Day. It's on the calendar that it will be observed, and we haven't that I recall had a snow day in quite some time. You know, maybe we need to look at that better and we'll see."

"We'll be happy to take people's complaints into account, but I haven't gotten any.  We're not trying to send any message about what we care about or what we don't care about.  If it's sensitive to people, than we'll try to implement that in the next calendar, but this is the first I've heard of it," says Bergfeld.

We looked at the preliminary calendar published for 2007-2008 on the TISD website and it too has Memorial Day set aside as a possible make-up day for inclement weather.

You can share your comments and concerns with TISD. Call the Administration building at 903-262-1001.

Lindsay Wilcox, reporting, lwilcox@kltv.com


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