Palestine Hopes To Make State Soccer History

It's always nice to be first, and that seems to be happening a lot to the Palestine soccer team this year. The first Wildcats team to win 20 games, the first Wildcats team to win 5 playoff games, including the first to score a goal against Brenham. They are also the first 3A team to earn a trip to the 4A state tournament.

"Glad to be the first," said Wildcats senior co-captain Christian Chavez.

Especially glad to be first, after being told all through the playoffs, they would be last.

"A lot of teams, they look over us," Chavez said about their playoff opponents.  "They don't expect us to win at all. We come in as underdogs."

"There's not one game we went into that we were favored to win," added senior co-captain Jerome King.  "Every game we went into everybody thought that we were going to lose, like 4-0, there's crazy predictions, but once again, we came out intense and came out on top."

And it's that intensity, the Wildcats say, and not luck, that is lifting them to victory, when victory seems impossible.

"There's always going to be people out there that aren't liking what we're doing and is always going to say that we're still lucky," King said, "but you know, you can't get lucky six times in-a-row, and we've just been playing hard and keeping our eye on the state championship.  We've played the best, so we know that, now that we're in the state tournament, you know, the sky is the limit."

Palestine is scheduled to play Frisco Thursday at 6:00pm at Round Rock ISD Stadium in the state semifinals. A win there and they would play for the state title Saturday at 1:00pm.