7 On Your Side:BBB Warns Of Door-To-Door Scam

82-year-old Wanda Hazelwood's experience began when she received a phone call from a woman claiming to be with Medicare.

"She did say that Medicare was putting out new deals for the elderly," says Wanda.

Wanda says the woman would be sending a representative to her house and sure enough a man showed up at her door.

"We filled out paperwork and he said you got to sign this right here and I did.  He said now I need your social security number and I said I don't give my social security to anybody...and i did," says Wanda regretfully.

Wanda says the man promised she'd be mailed copies of the paperwork she'd signed.  But two weeks have gone by and still nothing.

Better Business Bureau of Central East Texas President Kay Robinson says, "We have some work ahead of us to make sure her identity has not been stolen."

Robinson assisted Wanda by contacting the credit bureau agencies to issue a fraud alert on her credit report.

It blocks someone from opening an account in Wanda's name.

"They put a fraud alert on your account right then. It only lasts for 90 days," says Robinson to Wanda while on the phone with a credit bureau.

We then checked for inquiries, seeing if someone applied for a card in Wanda's name.

"They said that there's no activity. That's amazing," Robinson exclaims.

It's something Wanda's especially grateful for, living off a fixed income each month.

"Oh yeah, [if they] max it out and [the credit card company would] want me to pay for it and there's no way," says Wanda.

Wanda sees now how giving up her social could have cost her big and hopes others do too.

"I have learned my lesson. They say three times a charm. There's no three times for me," says Wanda.

Kay Robinson says part of the Better Business Bureau services is to help senior citizens and encourages them to call their Tyler office if they have any questions or concerns that they've been scammed.

Christine Nelson reporting. cnelson@kltv.com