Local Juvenile Judge Says TYC Confinement Last Resort

In the wake of abuse scandals, and claims of an official cover-up, fewer young offenders are being sent to the Texas Youth Commission.

The new conservator of the TYC ordered more than 500 inmates released last week.  It's alleged many of them were held too long, others abused.  County Court at Law Judge Floyd Getz says for a long time, he's been sending offenders to TYC only if there's no other choice.

"We've always been very selective about the kids we send to TYC.  We are very fortunate here to have a lot of local programs that we use -- placement alternatives -- and we've always used TYC as a place of last resort," Getz says.

Statewide, TYC estimates over the past several weeks, the number of committals to the commission's facilities has been cut by more than 30 percent.