Proud Of East Texas: The Last Supper

Roseland Plantation, located just outside Tyler on State Highway 64, is a historic jewel of pre-Civil War buildings.

Ironically, the only modern building on the grounds contains perhaps the greatest treasure of all.

A breathtaking full-size replica of Leonardo DaVinci's "the Last Supper" is housed in a large green climate-controlled building. The painting was purchased by Roseland's former owner, the late philanthropist Gertrude Windsor.

Carolyn and Tim West, who own and operate Roseland as a bed and breakfast inn, didn't know about the painting until just before their purchase of the property was complete.

People who tour the plantation and see the painting are awed and inspired by its beauty and meaning. The Wests say they are blessed to own the painting and share it with others.

To arrange group tours of Roseland Plantation and "the Last Supper" call 903-849-5553.

Joan Hallmark, Reporting.