Weather Changes Easter Plans For Some

Many East Texans celebrated Easter with their friends and family, but for some, it was not in the way they planned. The cold weather and yesterday's surprise snow undoubtedly forced several sunrise services indoors as well as the annual Easter service in Bergfeld Park.

As KLTV 7's Lindsay Wilcox explains, the venue may have changed, but the message stays the same.

The annual service was moved inside to the Marvin United Methodist gymnasium so the tiniest 'Tylerites' wouldn't freeze in their Easter best.

The decision was made yesterday when church leadership saw snow falling less than 24 hours before the service.

Reverend Jeff Olive is the associate pastor at the church. He says there always has to be a back-up plan for the outdoor service.  "On Easter, there's always weather issues. Sometimes, we're able to be there, but about 50% of the time [we're not] for our community services," said Olive.

When the weather cooperates, thousands of people flood Bergfeld Park for the celebration. Church members like Nanette Kirsch say the outdoor service brings in many people who might not have gone to church otherwise.

"I think our only regret is, we were there last year, and it was so open to the community, and there were so many people who were exposed to the service, and we were sad for that, but it was no different for us," said Kirsch.

The service was filled with praise and worship and the message the church wanted the entire community to hear.

"I think it's the focus of our faith.  I think the fact that Christ is risen, and it's not about Good Friday. It didn't end there. We're called to come here today and celebrate and share our faith with the rest of the community," said Kirsch.

The church says they'll try the outdoor service again next year, weather permitting.

Lindsay Wilcox, Reporting.