Easter Egg Hunt On A Day Of Snow

Saturday's snow didn't stop some East Texas kids from enjoying the holiday weekend outside.   With baskets in hand, kids waited to start searching for Easter eggs. The hunt was hosted by the First United Methodist Church of Winona. It even included a real live bunny rabbit. Participants say the wintery weather made their egg hunt even more fun!

Here's what kids of all ages had to say about the snow on Easter weekend:

"We prayed for no rain, totally prayed for no rain all week, of course we didn't get rain we got these beautiful white snowflakes."

"I love the snow and when the snow stopped, they said there's more headed our way."

"I was sitting at my Mom and Dad's house, looking out the window and I saw stuff coming off the tree, and I'm like 'What is this?' and I went out front and about that time I heard Dad hollering 'It's snowing!' and I'm like 'This is East Texas.  The weather changes all the time.'"

"It was a big surprise, cause we thought 'is this January? Oh wait, it's April.'"

The snow seemed to keep most people inside Saturday, because unfortunately, not as many participants showed up as the church had anticipated.

Tracy Watler, Reporting. tracy@kltv.com