Sting Catches East Texas Drivers Breaking The Law At Railroad Crossings

Operation: Lifesaver as it's called wants East Texas drivers to follow three simple steps at railroad crossings: look, listen and live.

"What we need to do is get the cooperation of folks to stop at railroad crossings," says Officer J.D. Smith with the Tyler Police Department.

And a sting set up today showed some drivers are clearly breaking the law.

Look closely and you'll see one car cross and then another follows while the red lights are flashing!

The driver in the red car stops, and shortly after a police officer goes after the two cars that completely ignored the oncoming train.

"When the lights start flashing you need to stop and wait until the light go off before you proceed," Officer Smith warns.

This driver bypassed the flashing lights too and crossed the tracks. But he couldn't ignore flashing lights of a different kind and was issued a citation.

"Which would dig into the pocket books and [the ticket] will cost you," says Officer Smith.

11 tickets were issued to violators during the sting.  A lesson drivers hopefully won't pay with their lives.

"It's just not worth your life to try to beat a train across the tracks," says Officer Smith.

Again, authorities want to reiterate, you must stop and wait until the gates go up and the warning lights stop flashing before proceeding.

These citations carry a fine of up to $500.

Christine Nelson reporting.