From A Bowling Alley To A Wedding Chapel

East Texans got a glimpse of their modern day romance when a brave Longview man decided to propose to his girlfriend in a TV commercial. But this couple's love blossomed after meeting the old fashioned way, in an old fashioned place, a bowling alley.

It's not the place little girls dream of meeting Mr. Right, but for April Shadwick one Longview bowling alley was where she met her prince, Graham Dawson.

"I was looking at him in his red shirt and I kept glancing at him every time and every time I would glance at him he wasn't glancing at me. But supposedly he was glancing at me every time I wasn't glancing at him," April said, "that was on Sunday and on Wednesday we met out and started talking."

April and Graham have been dating ever since. Wednesday, Graham proposed to April in a commercial break during Dr. Phil.

"All the sudden I see his face pop up and I was like oh my. I thought he was doing a school project or PR type thing, I didn't event think and then it said he'd be honored to spend the rest of my life with you," commented April, "It still doesn't feel like it happened. But then I look down at my ring and it did happen."

"You should plan on proposing once in your life and all the things in you spend money on like movies, video games, books. It can't hurt to invest a little bit of money into something your going to remember the rest of your life," said Graham.

"I don't mean to brag but everyone calls us the perfect couple, I have everything that I needed just the wedding is left now then the rest of our lives. It'll be perfect," April said.

From a bowling alley to a wedding chapel these two have decided there's no one else they'd rather play the game of life with than each other.

April and Graham plan to wait until next year before making wedding plans. Now that Graham has raised the stakes, he will have another chance to top this surprise. April's birthday is Friday.

Danielle Capper, reporting.