Longview Terminates Contract With Marketing Firm

The city of Longview spent $57,000 on a branding campaign and now, they're back to the drawing board.  Mayor Jay Dean held a press conference Thursday where he announced the city has decided to terminate its contract with North Star Destination Strategies, the company hired for their branding campaign.

It all started in March when the city unveiled a new logo with the tagline--"East Texas, Pure and Simple." Some residents voiced their concerns over using the word "simple" and the city decided not to use the slogan when they found out it was being used by two other cities.

Mayor Dean says the city's Branding Review Committee does not think North Star will be able to gain the trust of Longview citizens again. So, they're now going to use local advertising and public relations professionals, as well as focus groups and input from the public to come up with the next slogan.

"They made a mistake on using something that had been used before. We made a mistake, I made a mistake in not having more public input and these focus groups, before that role out and that's a lesson learned. I've never been through a branding process, but we're not making that mistake again," he says.

The mayor says he welcomes suggestions from the public, but ultimately the slogans will be narrowed down to a list of the top few and then one chosen.

The city will not be asking for it's money back nor will it pay the company any more. The mayor says they feel they got their money's worth when it came to the research done by North Star.

And there's no real timeline on how long this process will take. Dean says they're going to take their time on this one because they want to be sure to get it right this time around.

We're interested in what you think Longview's next tagline should be. Send us yours at comments@kltv.com

Tracy Watler/Reporting: tracy@kltv.com