Storms Cause Major Damage In Winona

An overnight storm hits a two mile stretch of Highway 16, just west of Winona, uprooting trees and damaging homes.   Just after midnight Wednesday morning, lightning and wind roared through Winona, ripping massive trees out of the ground.

"It was just like a regular hail storm then it just hail lightning thunder" said area resident Pam Sabens.

Tons of wood came crashing down on homes and property, power lines were clipped and roadways were blocked, catching many residents by surprise.

"I heard this snap sound but it wasn't your normal snap with a thunder storm and about that time the ceiling fell down" said Sabens.

"Wind blew it over I guess wind or a tornado" said Tucker Sabens.

Sabens was sleeping when a huge tree came crashing down onto her bedroom , trapping her just out of her husband's reach.

"My husband came in there and you could feel him trying to get stuff off of me and I said I'm o-k just get me out, he grabbed me by the feet and pulled me out" she said.

Many said there was no warning, no distant thunder, but an immediate sound like bombs going off. Miraculously, there were no injuries,  but thousands of dollars in damage is left behind.

"It gives you goose bumps because in the back of your mind you always think of what you would do in that situation" Pam Sabens said.

Three families were displaced because of the storm and will soon begin repairs. One is staying with family, the other two are trying to make arrangements for temporary housing. Winona Police say they received at least a dozen reports of trees over roadways and on top of homes.

Bob Hallmark, Reporting.