A Better East Texas: Our Troops In Iraq

As we recognize Easter this weekend you need to know that Congress has been on recess since last Friday for the Easter break. But you need to know that before they left they officially declared a "surrender date" in Iraq. Most of the media has been calling this a "deadline". President Bush warned them before they began the political process that he would veto such legislation and by all measures that is exactly what he intends to do. This means Congress has wasted their time so they can say they opposed the war and the current strategy to fight it. This also means that our troops stationed in Iraq will now have to wait for Congress to get through the Easter break and go through more debate on capitol hill before they can get the funding they need to do their job.

Most of this country voted for change in the last election which put a new party in power. If this latest action is any measure, what we've gotten is more of the same as our country's representatives chose a political decision over what was right for our country, our troops and a better east Texas.