First Day For New Longview Superintendent

After four months of searching for a new superintendent, the day has finally come for Longview ISD. Monday was Dr. James Wilcox's first day. We sat down with him to find out what he has planned for the district.

Box after box, Dr. James Wilcox unpacks and begins the process, settling into his new office.

"I haven't gotten everything unpacked, but I'm excited about being here and there's so much to see, and so much to do," he says.

And so many people to meet. He's already met with several staff members, but he says it's the students he's looking forward to seeing the most.

"The kids can tell you so much, when you go on a campus and the kids are excited about being there, they're excited about the class they're in, it just gives you a good feeling about that campus," Wilcox explains.

And this superintendent says he's all about the students, especially when it comes to upping test scores and using more technology in the classroom.

"They have to be confident in that they can enter those new technology field and be competitive, they can be, all we have to do is give them that hope and that confidence that they can go out and compete with anybody in the world," he says.

Wilcox has been serving as superintendent at Waxahachie ISD for the past two years, but he says already Longview's got one up on them.

"Everything's the same except there are a lot more trees here," he laughs.

Wilcox has signed a three year and three month contract with the district, making no less than 190,000 dollars a year.

Tracy Watler/Reporting: