Shaquandra Cotton Speaks On Dallas Radio

A girl whose sentence in a Texas Youth Commission facility sparked protest from the black community is now free.  15-year-old Shaquanda Cotton drew national attention when she was sent to the TYC for pushing a hall monitor at her high school in Paris, Texas. Cotton served one year, but could have stayed there until she turned 21-years-old.

Prosecutors and the school district said Cotton would remain until she admitted wrongdoing. She was convicted of "assault on a public servant." But Cotton was released on May 31st after several protests on her behalf.

A recently appointed special conservator of the Texas Youth Commission ordered Cotton released. She is one of approximately four-hundred juveniles across the state that Jay Kimbrough has ordered to be released from custody after ruling they had served enough time.

Cotton appeared on a dallas radio station this morning speaking about the ordeal . "I want to go to college and get my degree so I can be a lawyer." Shaquanda Cotton said, "Children out there, just do what you have to do, do good in school, don't get into no kind of troubleDon't ever let no one say you can't do something because you can do anything if you put you're mind to it. Just stay strong out there. Stand your ground and stick to your guns. Don't ever give up."