A Better East Texas: Don Juan Restaurants

There's been a lot of media buzz lately over the complex issue of immigration. And while I feel very strongly that drastic measures must be taken to protect our borders, I feel just as strongly in support of those immigrant families who have entered our country legally. Especially those who are making a positive impact on our community.

I recently had the honor of meeting the Barron family, owners of Don Juan restaurants, while presenting them with our KLTV Blue Ribbon award for their outstanding cleanliness and perfect health inspection scores. Don Juan's provides not only great food, but jobs and added vitality to downtown Tyler.

I applaud the Barron family - immigrants from Mexico - for their dedication to their employees, patrons and this community. And I applaud all immigrants from any country who follow their dreams of living and working in the United States. As long as they follow the rules.

So thank you Barron Family for all that you contribute to Tyler and for doing your part in making this a Better East Texas.