Hill Billy 500

It's not your typical NASCAR race.  Instead of watching cars go around and around, racers in Tyler Saturday drove lawn mowers.   Saturday morning, area high schoolers showed off their lawn mower driving skills for the Hill Billy 500.  It's a fundraiser to support Young Life, a ministry for high school students. The race involved obstacles like a pie toss and being sprayed with water, just to make the eight laps a little more challenging.

"We saw some lawn mower races on TV and we watch NASCAR, and we thought this would be a great match to have the businesses in the Tyler community buy sponsorship for the lawn mowers and then we will have a lawn mower race," said event organizer Rick Yates.   The winner of the race received a golden lawn mower blade. This is the Hill Billy 500's first year, but organizers say they hope to make it a yearly event.

Molly Reuter, Reporting. mreuter@kltv.com