Letourneau Habitat Project Planned

A group of Letourneau University students and Habitat for Humanity are joining forces to give one Longview homeowner something to remember. By tearing down and rebuilding a  home in 3 weeks.  Letourneau students will soon give this old home in south Longview new life.

"I think it's important that when we see a need to not just sit on our thumbs and remain selfish in this time of year, when we see a need we're commanded to met that need when we can" said Letourneau student Carissa Kaye.

The project will give a disabled homeowner a new place to live. The effort is based on the bible number 3, Christ was in the tomb 3 days before his resurrection. In John 2, he said tear this temple down and I will rebuild it in 3 days.

"We're trying to provide some hope dignity for them as they have people in their home and have a chance to interact with people" said Letourneau Student Affairs Director Doug Wilcoxson.

The house is in need of total renovation, and the group will use a biblical principle, they'll tear it down like the temple and rebuild it in 3 weeks. Faith is a key word, they have little money or materials. But they have faith God will provide.

"We understand that this entire thing is a god sized task there's no reason that we should be able to do this, but so far we're had divine favor" says Kaye.

"We do believe that there are people who will love being a part of this project we don't know who they are exactly but we think they will" Wilcoxson says.

The home will be torn down next week on Good Friday. The group has made arrangements for the homeowner to stay in a hotel during the rebuilding.

If you would like to help with materials or monetary donations, you're asked to call Letourneau University.

Bob Hallmark/bhallmark@kltv.com.