Some John Tyler High School Parents Concerned Over Safety Of Children

There is worry from some parents over what they call "racial tension" at John Tyler High School.  School officials have confirmed a fight broke out between students Thursday, after one student was hit and another was pushed. They say students followed the commotion through the halls. The incident has some parents fearing for their children's safety.

"My daughter called me home. She said there was a big fight up here. She got hit. They wanted her to tell who it was but I told her 'No'. That's supposed to be confidential. But the last time she got hit, they went and told the boy that she told on him. That's causing problems. So the school's not really doing anything to help these kids," said Barbara Perkins.

In a statement Friday, TISD said, "John Tyler has six assigned security officers to its campus, and additional security has been assigned to address any safety issues that may arise.  Principal Michael McFarland, received a parent call concerned that this is a racial incident and he is investigating this concern."

Oralia Ortega, Reporting.