High School Students' Art A Memorial To Lost Friends

They're only in high school and already they've gone through one of the most difficult experiences in life--the death of a loved one. Two Pine Tree High School students have artwork on display at the Longview Museum of Fine Arts right now and both pieces are living memorials of the friends they held so dear.

It's called "The Pallbearer" and it's an animated video created by Pine Tree High School senior Jordan Crumpler.   It illustrates his experience as a pallbearer at his best friends' funeral, just four months ago.

"It shows everybody what I've been through cause nobody understands until you go through it," Jordan says.

His friend was 15-year-old Jordan Elaine Barnes, a Pine Tree majorette.

"I was with her the last moments in the hospital and I wanted to do that, but I thought it was a little too graphic and a little too hard so I picked the funeral," he explains.

Jordan says creating the video was the only way he could truly express his feelings and fellow Pine Tree High schooler Lauren Dulweber knows exactly what he means.

"It was just kind of a final goodbye I guess because we never got to say an actual goodbye," says Lauren.

Her piece is called "Macy, Continued" after her close friend who died of cancer two years ago.

"It means that as she can't live her life anymore we kind of live it for her...it's kind of a representation of that you should live your life to the fullest everyday," Lauren explains.

Both say the experience has taught them to cherish life and friendships.

"I'll carry this with me for the rest of my life for sure," Jordan says.

But it was the art that helped them get through it.

"This was definitely one of the biggest life changing things that I've ever experienced," Lauren says.

And now it's on display for others to experience, through their eyes.  The student's artwork is part of the 47th annual Student Invitational at the Longview Museum of Fine Arts until April 28.

Tracy Watler/Reporting tracy@kltv.com