East Texas Restaurants Have Serious Problems On Inspection

Almost a dozen different East Texas restaurants are hit with serious violations in the latest round of health inspections. In Longview 4 area restaurants had problems including Deb's Downtown Café at 103 Tyler Street. Inspected March 16th, cold foods were held out of temperature, employees were seen handling ready to eat foods, and toxic items were improperly labeled and stored near foods. They had 19 total demerits.

Amigo's Buffet at 2511 Judson Road was inspected March 23rd, hot & cold foods both held at unsafe temperatures. Foods were not properly stored and protected, and utensils were not sanitized. Total demerits: 18

Casa Ole at 280 North Spur 63 inspected March 20th had cooked and cold foods held at unsafe temperatures. Stored foods were not protected, and stored foods were spoiled and out of date. They had 17 total demerits.

Burger King 701 west Marshall Avenue was inspected March 5th and had cold foods at unsafe temperatures. Automatic equipment was not maintaining foods at temperature and they had improper hand wash facilities. Total demerits: 15.

In Tyler Café at Tyler Truck Stop at 801 South Southest Loop 323 was inspected March 5. The inspector saw problems with hand washing and workers were handling raw foods and ready-to-eat foods with same gloves. There were many other problems with utensils and storage and wastewater was surfacing outside, by the back door. Total demerits: 30. The permit to serve food was suspended until wastewater problem was fixed.

Sam's Deli at 6011 South Broadway inspected March 13, had cooked chicken held at the wrong temperature. An employee was handling ready-to-eat foods improperly,  and raw eggs were being held above deli meats, that's a contamination danger. Total demerits: 26.

In Lindale, Caramelo's at 1105 south Main was inspected March 2, and found to have noodles not at the right temperature. Raw eggs were stored above chicken broth, a contamination danger, and pots and utensils needed cleaning. They had 19 total demerits.

Sonic at 433 Highway 110 north near Wildcat Drive in Whitehouse was inspected March 12th. Cooked eggs were not held at a hot enough temperature, there were problems with hand washing. And workers were handling ready-to-eat foods with their bare hands. Total demerits: 17.

McDonald's in Tyler at 4014 South Broadway,  across from Hastings, was inspected March 16th. Employees were seen not washing hands before putting on gloves, and some handling ready-to-eat foods with their bare hands. Also, a worker was seen handling raw beef, then clean equipment without washing hands. Total demerits: 15.

The KFC in Tyler at 2215 West Gentry was inspected March 1st. There was accumulated grease on food trays, utensil holder, and mold on the drink fountain nozzles. Plus, there was a roach infestation. There were just six demerits, but permit to serve food was suspended. The inspector says this is the second permit suspension for roaches at the KFC on Gentry in just six months.

Bob Hallmark, Reporting bhallmark@kltv.com