A Better East Texas: Illegal Immigrant Follow Up

State Representative Leo Berman
State Representative Leo Berman

I recently spoke out in favor of Representative Leo Berman's idea for introducing legislation that would prohibit children of illegal immigrants from getting state paid child care.

Well, I got several emails from viewers on both sides of this debate. One of the most interesting was from Mr. Gomez, whose letter prompted me to clarify my point of view on immigration. He let me know that he hasn't received any money from our government (as Berman suggests) yet continues to pay for registration and inspection fees on the truck he drives. He pays tolls on Loop 49. He pays sales tax and states that he also pays pay income tax.

Well, Mr. Gomez, so do I! I pay my vehicle registration every year just like the next guy. And if I decide not to, I get fined. Laws are put in place to manage chaos. No one, legal citizen or not, has the right to break them.

Look, I welcome immigrants to this country and am certainly not questioning their work ethic. I only expect them to follow the laws (like all of us do) to earn their citizenship, make a contribution to our society, to vote, and have a voice in making this a Better East Texas.