7 On Your Side:Repairs Scheduled For Bumpy RR Crossing

"This goes beyond a rough crossing. This is dangerous," says Sharon Irwin.

Irwin says you're in for a bumpy ride when crossing these railroad tracks on 149.

"Somebody almost rear-ended me because I hit my brakes. I can't even describe it, it's like you hit a wall," says Irwin.

Going southbound, the cement platform is uneven with the track itself. So at the 55 mile-an-hour speed limit your car takes a jolting dip.

Northbound, we noticed a piece of metal protruding from an opening on the tracks. Sharon believes the bumpy ride caused a hole in her pocketbook, after learning her car need more than $500 in repairs.

"The [dealership] said I had two broken motor mounts and I must have hit something very hard," says Irwin showing us her repair receipt.

After failed attempts contacting state agencies to get the track fixed, Irwin called Union Pacific, who owns the line, and got to the Executive Vice President's office.

"And I said just to let you know I've also contacted 7 On Your Side and I'm desperate. And that's when the ball started rolling. It certainly helped [calling 7 On Your Side] and it didn't hurt that's for sure," says Irwin.

TX-DOT tells us it too has received complaints about these very same railroad tracks, but it's Union Pacific's responsibility to fix them.

Another note, that two hours after Irwin says she told Union Pacific she's getting 7 On Your Side involved, we received notice that repairs would begin first thing in the morning.

They are repairs that are long overdue. Irwin says this has been going on well over a year.

"I can't believe the fire department, police department, road work companies, paramedics, someone has not called this in!," she says.

Thanks to this persistent citizen, things are on track for a smoother ride over this heavily traveled crossing.

Again TX-DOT says Union Pacific will be doing repairs to the railroad crossing, starting 8 a.m. Thursday morning.

It will require lane closures in each direction throughout the day and Union Pacific hopes to complete the repairs by Friday.

Christine Nelson, Reporting. cnelson@kltv.com