Crews Work To Clean Up After Flooding

It's the day after heavy storms hit many parts of East Texas. Harrison County even saw some flash flooding.   Wednesday, workers from the city of Marshall and TxDOT were out in full force, checking out fire hydrants and assessing the damage at area creeks. Crews work to clean up Highway 59 because it's covered in debris after being under four feet of water Tuesday.

John Hines, a TxDOT worker, says, "We came out there to set up traffic control, and clean up debris out from up under this crash barrier, and set them barriers back up because the water got up under them and washed them out so we had to clean this up, try to get some mud off the road so it will be visible and passable to the traffic."

The city's street department says crews will be out all week cleaning up.

Tracy Watler/Reporting: