Pine Tree HS Majorettes Win Nationals

Twirling their way to victory, they're national champions and they're right here in East Texas.   They are the Pine Tree elite majorettes and they won first place at nationals this weekend in San Antonio.

Whatever you thought you knew about twirling, think again. That's because these girls just make it look easy.

"There's a lot of difficulty to it, it's not just moving around, you have a baton in your hand that you have to keep up with," says Pine Tree High School Senior Allison Watson.

Of course there are the basics and more advanced tricks. But it's seems to be a dying art form, a sport that doesn't get a whole lot of attention.

"I don't know why cause I love it, and I think it's amazing," Allison says.

But these national champions are about to change that. So what's their secret?

"A lot of practice, a lot of practice," says Lara Benton, a Pine Tree High School Junior.

"Tons and tons tons of practice and dedication and hard work," says Stephanie Mitchell, a senior.

"It takes a lot of practice, I'll say that," adds Allison.

And these girls certainly practice.

"I know in class I'll sit there if I have a pen, I'll be just kind of moving it through my fingers a little bit and twirling a little," says Stephanie.

"I have hit a few walls, but that's all..." laughs Lara.

The week before Nationals they practiced two hours a day, but it paid off because they won first place in both routines and this is just the first year they've been.

"You just get up there and you have these nerves and you get on the stage in front of everyone and their mom pretty much, it's huge and it's just so much fun," says Stephanie.

Tracy Watler/Reporting: