Concealed Handgun Rules Relaxed At City Buildings

Concealed handgun owners in Tyler will find a few more places where they can legally carry their weapons -- any city-owned building.   That includes Tyler City Hall where for years, weapons have been banned, but not anymore. This brings the city's ordinances into compliance with state law, which says guns can only be banned in official meetings, like the city council.

"State law requires that people who have a concealed carry permit be allowed to carry those guns in certain areas, this simply makes us consistent with that.  We've been in contact with the NRA about this and they are supportive... so we think this is a good move for a city," said Tyler Mayor Joey Seeber.

State laws used to be more restrictive, but were loosened several years ago.  It is important to note, you are still not allowed to take any gun into a city park or recreation center.