Moore Poised For Threepeat Performance

Darnius Moore says very little.

He comes across as calm and little quiet. But when he is on the track or the football field, his actions speak loud and clear.

As a sophomore Darnius brought home one first place medal in the hurdles. His junior year, he brought home two. For his senior year he is aiming to bring home three and is favored to do so.

However a repeat performance is nothing new for this Tatum Eagle. The Tennessee bound teen was the defensive end and wide receiver on the Eagles back to back football championship teams.

When asked if he liked football more or track, Darnius simply replied, "I like football more."

Even if track is his second choice, Darnius puts his heart and his faith into everything he does. On his sneakers he scribbles constant reminders of his motivation. One shoe reads, "God Did It."

"I put that on there because He did everything I'm doing now," Darnius explained. "The way my mom told me, she was only supposed to have one son but through the blessings of God, out came me."

The other shoe reads, "Go Gettas."

"Whoever is out there," he said, "I've got to go get them."

Darnius does not just go get the competition, he goes right past them.

"This year, my fastest time was a 13.8 in the 110 hurdles and a 38.5 in the 300 (hurdles)."

In college Darnius will focus more on his first love of football. But even on the gridiron, running is in his blood.

"I've been running ever since I started walking."

Darnius would love nothing more than to end his senior year with a team championship in football and track.

Tatum hosts the Eagle Relays for schools across the state, beginning Saturday, March 31, at 8:15a.m.