Clever Clasp: "Does It Work?"

It "easily attaches to any necklace." It even has a built in safety lock. Lots of promises on the Clever Clasp box.  Inside you'll find 4 clever clasps: two golds, two silvers and some bonus chain extenders we'll play with some other time.

Here's how the Clever Clasp works.  After attaching the two parts to the hook and the eye of your necklace, just bring them each other and the magnets will connect.  Then you just screw them together for a secure lock.

Jai Stewart, who says she always has trouble getting her necklaces on, agreed to help us out.  Getting the magnets to stick was no problem.  Screwing them together was a slight challenge, but Jai quickly got it. She gave it a tug to make sure it was secure.  And it was.

"I would have to say this is a definite yes."

We tried it with several people and everyone loved the Clever Clasp as a tool to simplify putting on and taking off a necklace.

We found using it on a bracelet was a little tricky.  Often, adding the extra inch or so to a bracelet's length makes it long enough that it falls off.

But it wasn't a deal killer.  "Does It Work?"  We give the Clever Clasp a "yes."

We got the Clever Clasp at Bed, Bath & Beyond.  You'll pay $10 for four.

Joe Terrell, Reporting