Marshall Streets Flood Because Of Heavy Rains

Many parts of East Texas saw heavy rain Tuesday. There was so much in Harrison County, the streets flooded. In Marshall, many people found themselves caught in the middle of a flash flood.

Car after car after truck, drivers make their way through flooded streets in Marshall. The intersection of Highway 80 and 59 backed up as cars slowly inched their way across a street turned river. But not everyone mad it.

"I saw everybody make it through, and I figured I'd make it through there, but it died on me," says Danny Reschke.

His van stalled in the middle of the road and was then carried by the water back to the cross street where police helped him get out.

"Don't go through there, don't try it, just stay on the high ground, don't try to go through there. It might not look deep but it's deep," he warns.

It's advice that's a little too late for some drivers stuck under a flooded overpass. But as crews work to keep cars from coming in, nearby businesses work to get the water out.

"As you can see we're been running around in six inches of water, trying to clean up, get merchandise off the floor, get the lights turned off, computers," says shop owner Joyce Champion.

Her store, C&J's Carton and Case, got six inches of water inside.

"We opened the front doors and it was just running out the front doors...I've lived in Marshall since '85 and I've never seen it like this," she says.

They'll be closed for the rest of the day and Tuesday, all for just a flash of flooding water.

Authorities tell us there were no reported injuries from the flooding, but 60 children did have to evacuate a local daycare that got as much as three feet of water inside.

Tracy Watler/Reporting: