Parents React To JISD Dress Code

Parents are speaking out about the new standardized dress code passed by the Jacksonville School Board Monday night. It will require students to wear black, khaki or navy pants and one of five solid shirts.

Christina Shields has two children, including a 3 year old son who will be affected by the code. Both her children have autism, and she says buying two sets of uniforms will cause a financial problem for her family. Beyond that, she says the dress code does not make enough exceptions for children who are particularly small, like her son or those who are overweight.

"It's a shame that our school officials are wasting taxpayer money coming up with stuff like this and not educating our children like they need to be or dealing with the dress code and enforcing the dress code that we have in place now," says Shields.

The district says it will make exceptions for children with special needs on a case by case basis. It also says it will delicately deal with overweight students and try to help them find ways to comply with the code.

Lindsay Wilcox/Reporting: