No Protestors Show Up For Gilmer Afternoon Circus

Despite outspoken concern from animal activists a circus held in Gilmer did not see any protestors this afternoon.  Monday night, dozens of East Texans flocked to the Carson-Barnes Big Top Circus.

Last week, PETA or "people for the ethical treatment of animals" sent a grainy video to Gilmer city hall. PETA claims, the video shows a Carson-Barnes trainer abusing elephants.

Circus-goers we spoke with told us, they do not believe there was definite proof that the animals were abused.  "If I knew they would do it, I would not spend a dollar to do that," said Mansfred Gilow, who attended the circus with his wife and son.  "I used to work for the Humane Society years ago and when I first heard about the animal cruelty, it kind of peak my interest a little," said Barbara Johnson, who attended the circus with her family.

Carson-Barnes officials say the video provided by PETA was made in 1999. They added that the circus has been investigated before by the USDA, and was never found to have abused or harmed any animal.

Oralia Ortega, Reporting.