A Better East Texas: City of Longview and the Longview Partnership

The city of Longview and the Longview Partnership had a little egg on their face when they discovered their new branding statement; pure and simple was copyrighted by another city. The consultants they hired, North Star Destination Strategies out of Tennessee who recommended the slogan need to refund most, if not all the money they charged for their services.  They were hired for their "expertise" which means they should have known a copyright existed. Ironically this wasn't the first time they recommended this slogan. They first recommended it to the city who is now challenging Longview on the copyright! A recycled slogan has got to be worth some sort of discount.

I hope when the parties go back to the drawing table to clean this mess up they consider the services of the creative businesses in our own community that can help them with a solution. After all, both the Partnership and the Longview Economic Development Council are here to promote local business and that helps make this a better east Texas.